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We offer fixed-priced websites that have everything you need for your starting business's web presence. Fast delivery to get you up and running.

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Prices per website 590(+VAT)

e-commerce development


We offer development for your already existing website or e-commerce site. Whether it be adding shipping methods or optimizing the current site, we know Woocommerce.

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Website package


All our sites are mobile-friendly and made to work with all screen sizes.

For a while now, the trend has been focusing on mobile view. Our sites will look good both on desktop and mobile. We can keep the site identical on either platform or create different views for different devices.

Easy to manage

Our sites are built to be updated, changed and managed by you without the need to contact the developer for every minor change. Nevertheless, we are always ready to help!


Our sites are preconfigured SEO-friendly, using the latest available tools. We will do pre-configurations for a solid SEO that will be enough for most sites. In case you need a more thorough customization for SEO, the configuration is easily accessible for clients who feel they would like to experiment on their own.

security in mind

All our sites are built and configured with security in mind. We are using tested methods to minimize security risks. While technical security is one thing, we also help you keep your site safe in the future.


Backups help when all else fails. We set up backups for those rare events when the page stops working, or for when you just need  access to older versions of your site. In case you need to use backups to restore your site, we have your back.


Don't need a web shop right now? Don't have a budget for a full site?

Don't worry – all sites we build can be improved cost-effectively at a later date.

Easy three-step process

1. Contact us

Let us know what kind of site you need and what kind of sites you already like (bring examples).

We will get back to you with a couple of options or follow-up-questions. Once we agree on a design, we can start our cooperation.

2. We do the work

We will set up the site as you need it, make the necessary configurations and create instructions for you to fill in the page content.

You can also opt for sending us the content and we will come up with the first draft.

At this stage, everything will be tested to make sure the site functions.

3. We will support you

Once the site is ready, we will guide you through the process of using and adding future content to the site.

Website content editing should not be reserved for developers only. We expect websites to be living products that are constantly changing and evolving.

Why us?

Personal approach

All sites we build get our undivided personal attention. We will work with you, try to understand your business and your likes and dislikes in order to get the perfect fit for you. At the same time we will be following the best web practices.

Technical solutions

We know WordPress and eCommerce inside out. We have worked with all the most common integrations from shipping to bookkeeping softwares. We can recommend a ready-made solution, build on top of an already existing one or create new ones from scratch.


Once we have given the website over to you, let’s stay in touch – our relationship doesn’t have to end there. We can support and take over the maintenance of the site, so you don't have to worry about it. In case you want to add something to the site at a later date, we will gladly do it for you.

About us

Robot Head is an indie web development company. The head of Robot Head is Robert.

Robert's expertise lies in client-developer communications. He has previously worked on a vast list of WordPress sites, starting from small indie e-shops to multi-million business e-commerce solutions. He has experience in all parts of the web, from building servers for hosting solutions to setting up integrations for Google Analytics detailed e-commerce tracking.

Robot Head works closely with multiple small companies that are great at what they do. Mostly because they happen to love what they do. Skills and passion make a good mix.

Robot Head is great in day-to-day management and development of e-commerce configurations and setups for medium-sized shops. For example, debugging tracking code issues, fixing payment errors, setting up product GA tracking, etc.

We don't believe in problems without solutions.




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Our website packages are fixed price packages, so you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

In case you need any additional work, it will be priced hourly, but we will give you an estimated fee or set a cost limit for better budget management.

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